Party Bags

We sell toys in party bags for children’s parties with prices starting at just £1.00!

Examples of the party bag contents include:

      • Playmobil figures
      • Duplo figures
      • Animals
      • Dinosaurs
      • Wind-up toys
      • Wooden pop-up toys
      • Finger puppets
      • Cars
      • Trains
      • Toys to fit the theme of the party such as aquatic animals or a jungle theme

Each toy comes in a biodegradable cellophane bag with an insert ready for personalising.

The party bags are priced according to their contents.

Our most popular party bags are Playmobil figures which are often chosen for themed parties such as Pirates, Knights or Princesses. Playmobil bags are £2.00 each and can be sent in the post to UK shoppers.

Party bags can usually be made up within 24 hours but if you are having a themed party for 30 children, we advise you order early so that we are sure to have enough themed toys to fill your bags. The more obscure your theme the longer we may take to collect the toys!

All the toys we use in our party bags are preloved and are donated to The TOY Project and all money raised goes straight back in to running the charity.

To order your party bags please email:

Please visit our party bag shop at