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Toy collections in schools can happen at any time during the school year although in January, after Christmas, seems to be the time when new and used toys need new homes!

We are able to find toys new homes very quickly.

The toys may be given to hospitals, hospices, day centers or they could be given to be used in play therapy for children suffering from bereavement of a loved one. Some of the toys may be sold or auctioned at fundraising events. No matter what, the toys will be used to support and help children who need them.

If you would like to become a toy coordinator for your school or for a local school it is very easy. All you will need to do is arrange with the school a day for the children to bring in the toys that they no longer play with. The Toy Project volunteers will then come to the school on that day and take the toys away with them there and then. You will be not asked to sort, or clean or distribute toys in any way. We ask that only complete toys are donated but ALL toy types are welcome! 

We particularly like 'Playmobil' toys as they are the perfect size to use for play therapy when used in a sand tray and sadly they are very expensive to buy. We also love robust baby toys as they are very useful in hospitals and doctors surgeries BUT all toys are needed and will all be given a new home!

The toy coordinator will be told where the toys have been donated and how they have helped others in the following weeks of collection.

So, if you think you know of a school that would like to participate please do get in touch and join us in teaching the children, both to care for others and to recycle their unwanted items.

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